Another Day, Another Distress Call

It’s been fun to see Clara’s imagination grow over the last year. More and more she’s content playing with her animals, dolls, or even crayons just making up some story and talking to them. But it seems like her favorite type of game is what we call “Distress” where some character in her fictional tale is in trouble and needs help (i.e. they’re trapped, they’re stuck, they fell down, etc). It was a little disconcerting at first – since we’d hear cries for help quite often – but now that we’ve deciphered the difference between a pretend shriek and a real need for assistance, it has become pretty amusing.

It’s usually nearly impossible to capture these moments, since she usually stops and smiles as soon as the camera is spotted, but I managed to get a few seconds of it recently when Olivia the pig’s family became trapped under her bathroom stool. Thank goodness the lion was there to check on their well being…

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Every Girl Deserves Her Own Wind Machine

I don’t know why I love this video. It was a fairly ordinary moment (it was hot in the car, so we rolled down the windows). I guess it’s the first time we’ve done it since Clara had any hair to speak of so it was a whole new experience for her. I love watching her go from being slightly confused by it to totally loving it – especially somewhere around 30 seconds in when she gets all “shampoo commercial” on us.

Atta girl.

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