We Built This City

One of our favorite things about Clara is how she randomly bursts into song (like both of her parents). It never ceases to crack us up. Her latest musical number was Starship’s “We Built This City” which has become a new favorite song of hers, thanks to The Muppets soundtrack. She even went all-in with Amy Adam’s high note.

And speaking of Clara’s singing, here’s a longer version of the clip that we posted to Instagram last week where she tackles the latest Rihanna song.

Someday I’ll remember to hold my iPhone horizontally when I take these videos.

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A Hypothetical Book Thief

Clara often reads books in the car (our faves are a big stock of Berenstain Bears books that we inherited from Sherry’s childhood because they’re thin and Clara seems to love them). But often if she’s in the middle of one when our drive is over, she wants to bring it with her – whether that’s into a store or just back into the house. We resist because it depletes our reserve in the car. Often our explanation to her is “we don’t want you to lose it, so let’s keep it in here so we know where it is.”

Well, on this particular rainy day as we parked at Target, “losing it” turned into “someone taking it” and then somehow Clara taught herself a lesson in sharing, thanks to an imaginary girl named Lolly. So glad I caught this on video.

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