Clara Tales

Clara’s quite the storyteller these days, and she loves when I record her tales so she can watch them back. Here are a few that I captured a few weeks ago for her.

I love:



Oh man, she cracks me up.

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Everyday Burger

I’ll be the first to admit this video of Burger isn’t very exciting. But in so many ways it captures the way we see him everyday.

I was actually trying to take a picture of him, but accidentally had my phone on video mode. But I’m glad I took the clip because I’ve always wanted to capture what I call “Burger’s Wake-Up” routine. This isn’t all of it – there are multiple rounds of yawning, stretching to the front, stretching to the back, rigorous shakes, and, um, some licking – but in case I never get the whole bit on camera, at least I’ll have this. You know, so we’ll always remember that yawning is a full facial event for him.

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