Since Hanukkah has started, we couldn’t resist sharing this America’s-Funniest-Home-Video-worthy clip of Clara tapping into the spirit of the holiday. In the video below she’s just playing with a wooden spinning top  (actually made in India and given to us by a reader at one of our DC book signings) but having watched an episode of Calliou about Hanukkah she’s convinced that it’s a dreidel. At least she’s a little bit closer than when we caught her singing “Play-doh, play-doh, play-doh. I made you out of clay!” one afternoon.

Also be warned that this video is basically a night at the Petersiks in its rawest, most unglamorous form. Don’t worry, she was ok…

… and yes, that really is Sherry’s cell phone ring.



I Love Texting Katie Bower

I just discovered this old iPhone screenshot from a couple of months ago that cracked me up slash filled me with relief. I was texting Katie B about how nervous I was about all of the book signings that were coming up. Apparently I was so freaked out that I feared I might actually upchuck. And like the true friend that she is, she came up with a workable solution.

The good news is that I haven’t barfed on anyone yet. And the better news is that it means no photos of that have been posted. Everybody wins.

What makes you guys nervous? Do you have a sarcastic text friend who makes you feel better about your odd neurosis?