Future MTV Veejay?

Clara’s favorite party trick is identifying musicians by their latest hits. We quizzed her the other night to see how well she did with some of her favorites. If nothing else, it’s proof that we listen to too much Top 40 radio in the car.

We didn’t set out to teach this little “skill” to Clara, she’s just always saying “who is this?” when a song comes on, and apparently she likes to call out whoever it is once she hears the song a few times and has it memorized. It’s pretty cute though, so we’re not complaining. Until she starts singing along to Ke$ha…



She Jammin’

I recently discovered the music duo Matt & Kim. Along with that came the discovery that Clara likes to rock out to their song “Cameras.” Well, more specifically just the first 10 seconds of it.

If you wanna hear the whole thing, here’s the official music video for the song (although there are fight scene noises over the whole video). If you ask me, that video needs less fighting and more sweatbands.