Someone Like You

We know a song’s getting a lot of radio play when Clara starts to know more of the words than we do. Here we are watching Adele’s music video online after breakfast the other morning. Of course Clara sang the chorus almost perfectly ten times (much to our utter amazement) and then we whipped out the video camera and got this substantially less enunciated version. Maybe the girl has stage fright?

We love how she really went for that last note and finished strong with a dramatic milk cup closure. Bravo, Clara. Bravo.

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One, Two, Three…

With a little bit of helping getting started, Clara can count her way to 10. And it’s cute. And we’re proud.

Note that this video takes place on her changing table, since it’s one of the few places that we can get her to “perform” for the camera without trying to take it and watch the baby (aka herself) on the screen. So don’t be surprised if you see lots of videos shot here in the future.

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