This Is How I Hashtag

I’ve already admitted to committing the occasional text message faux pax. But sometimes even my Instagram hashtags don’t go as planned. Take this shot from last month.

Sherry and I were watching the premiere of the new Fox show “The Following” and, like many shows involving the FBI, it supposedly takes places in Virginia (the FBI Academy is located about an hour north of us in Quantico, VA). And since the plot centers around Edgar Allen Poe’s work, I assume the show chose the Virginia setting because Poe grew up in Richmond and went to my alma mater, UVA. Despite the show’s grim storylines and gruesome scenes, Sherry and I were psyched to see our area getting some airtime. So excited that this was my original attempt at a hashtag:

Since hashtags don’t allow for spaces, my attempt to write “Boo that it’s murder related” suddenly became a string of random nouns – boot, hat, and – uh – a certain slang for the female chest area. Oops. #hashfail

So Sherry quickly nixed my hashtag attempt and we settled on the simpler (and less spacing dependent) #richmondrepresent.

Have you guys had any hashtag fails or text oops moments lately?

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This Is How I Text

Yesterday afternoon I was working on the couch during Clara’s nap and Burger snuggled up next to me. In his sleep, he gradually contorted himself into this weird claw-out position.

Had Sherry been sitting near me, I would’ve quietly motioned for her to check out the amusing scene next to me. But she wasn’t. She was in the office and I didn’t want to yell because I thought Burger might move. So I took the above pic on my phone and texted it to her.

I was very proud of myself for a moment. Then I heard a familiar ding-ding! coming from two cushions over.

Oops. So I added one more line to the text-fest…

 Anyone else out there #textfailing? Feel free to commiserate. Do we need a texting intervention since we text each other from the same house? Could have been worse. It could have been like the time I sent a text to my mom and sister about buying Sherry a thong. Yeah that was a joke meant only for Sherry’s eyes. And it was mortifying.

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