Pirate Valentines (Tattoo And Bubble Treat Bags)

Last year I shared what we did for Clara’s little Valentines, er, classmates – so this year (with about 10 hours to spare) I thought I’d show you what we put together (she was a great little helper this time around). These are always final-hour creations for me (we ran through Target yesterday, right before the big snow storm hit), but then putting them together and seeing Clara tote them off to school with a big ol’ smile never fails to melt my heart.

Speaking of hearts… behold, Clara’s pirate-tastic V-day treats:

Each bag has a little stack of temporary tattoos and small tubes of bubbles (hand selected by Clara of course).

Our “ingredients” were all cute finds at Target: two 24-count packs of temporary tattoos (98 cents each on clearance), a little $1 set of clear heart envelopes, and a $3 set of bubbles with anchors on the end of them. There were a few different themes we could go with (cupcakes, coloring, pirates, etc), so I just left it up to Clara and she said she wanted to do pirates (she’s loving Jake & The Neverland Pirates these days).

So here’s our booty all spread out at home before we assembled it. Yarrrr.

In total we spent $6 to make 14 valentines for her classmates (technically we could have made 24, but we doubled things up so everyone got duplicates of each item except for the heart bags, which we saved for a future project). That breaks down to 42 cents per valentine, which made me smile (last year’s clocked in at 43 cents each, so it’s funny how similar these were).

The first thing we did was open everything up and carefully tear the tattoos apart (Clara helped me fold them along the perforations and I did the tearing. We made little piles of them so everyone would get a few candy/treat themed ones (just in case someone wasn’t as into pirates as Clara) and a few from the pirate set of tattoos. We also pulled out two tubes of bubbles for each person (Clara was great at helping me make piles on the table) and I quickly sketched a little eye patch on the heart and added “Ahoy Valentine! xoxo, Clara” to each bag with a Sharpie.

Clara’s school asks that you don’t address them to each child by name since it’s faster for them to just stick one in each kid’s bag without hunting for the right names, so that simplified things. Then all we had to do was seal up each bag after Clara helped me load them up with bubbles and tattoos. The set of clear bags came with little twist ties for closing each one, but we looked through her sticker basket and found these little voice bubble stickers, which we thought would be funny to add with the word “Arrrr!” on them. You know, so our little eye-patched heart guy could be saying that to reinforce the whole pirate thing.

Of course with all this freshly fallen snow, she won’t get to deliver them until next week, but she’s very excited to show all of her friends what she helped me put together. What are you guys doing by way of school/kid Valentines this year? Are you baking? Sending candy hearts? I might be just as excited as Clara to see what she comes home with this time…

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Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Daddy: Let’s play a guessing game. I’m thinking of a letter. What do you think it is?
Clara: Is it one?
Daddy: Nope, that’s a number. It’s a letter that I’m thinking of…
Clara: I KNOW! IT’S FIVE!!!
Daddy: You’re so silly. That’s still a number. You know letters are like A, B, C…
Clara: Is it D?
Daddy: Nope… try again!
Clara: A?
Daddy: Nope!
Clara: IT’S FIVE!!!

Convo #2
Mommy (talking to Aunt Carrie, while she holds her cat Duncan): That would probably give you more function.
Clara: FUNCTION?! His name is DUNCAN!

Convo #3
Clara (on a foggy morning): Look Daddy, it’s all froggy outside!

Convo #4
Mommy: The bear in that book sleeps in a cozy bed. Do you have a cozy bed?
Clara: Yes! I sleep in a cozy bed too. And mommy and daddy sleep in a…. sweaty bed!*
*(in our defense, our bed is nice and clean, but we both cry-laughed when she said that)

Convo #5
Clara (colors in a dense, dark brown oval with her crayon): Daddy, I drew Elsa! Can you draw eyes on her?
(Daddy attempts to draw eyes, although they’re hard to see)
Clara: (long pause) Huh. (another long pause). She looks kind of like a horse.

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