We Heart This City

Apparently a bunch of cities are making these videos to the Pharrell song “Happy” and I couldn’t resist sharing the one for our fair city of Richmond, VA.

Have you guys seen them popping up for your hometown? Or even made one/been in one? Such a cute little viral idea. Hooray for city pride.

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Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara: Mom, you know what I love?
Mom: What?
Clara: Girl cows.

Convo #2
Girl at park: Can I pet your dog?
Clara: Yes, but don’t lay on him like me. He doesn’t like that very much.

Convo #3
Clara: Did I wake up too early Dad?
Dad: Nope, you had a great nap today.
Clara: Yeah, I’m getting better at napping. Just like I can open the refrigerator by myself!

Convo #4
Mom: What’s shaped like a circle?
Clara: An orange!
Mom: Yes! What else?
Clara: The bottom of my cup!
Mom: Yes! What else?
Clara: Um… a (excitedly points to my round belly) BABY!!

Convo #5:
Grammy: What do you think your brother’s name will be? What about an A name like Austin?
Clara: Yes! Let’s name him Awesome!

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