What Passes For Normal Conversation These Days

We’re well into potty training with Clara (she sits on the potty regularly and occasionally there’s success). So it’s safe to say that she’s familiar with the concept and comfortable with the idea that the potty is where the poop goes (although she seems to love the novelty of Burger getting to poop outside). So sometimes she brings it up…

And if you couldn’t tell, the little ditty Clara sings at the end (“bah-da-duh, bah-da-duh, bah-da-duh, baaah”) is the intro to “Thrift Shop” which Clara picked up when I was singing along to it on the radio earlier that day.

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Kid’s Views On The Coolest House

During our book tour stop in Palo Alto, someone brought us the funniest gift. It wasn’t a ceramic animal. It wasn’t cupcakes. It wasn’t stickers for Clara. It was a thin set of stapled paper that looked like this:

Inside was this note:

“Dear Sherry & John (And Clara & Burger), I have been a loyal blog reader since Fall 2010. I am currently a teacher and I thought it could be fun for you to see what kids think makes a house comfortable, fun, and exciting to live in. Therefore, I had them freewrite about their future house or their dream home. Enjoy! – Jacqueline”

The dozen or so entries are sweet, imaginative and – well – hilarious. It’s funny to see how some kids were very specific about the layout and size, while others liked to note the wall colors and the decorations. Here’s just a random sampling of our favorite lines:

And a few more favorites:

So a big thanks to teacher Jacqueline for the fun idea (and gift) and a big thanks to her students Tori, Jaxon, Lauren, Brayden, Axel, Olivia, Stevie, Shane, Colette, Sammy, and the one unnamed entry.

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