3 Months ‘Til 3 Years

I can’t believe Clara is almost ready to knock on 3’s door (great, now I’ve got the Three’s Company theme song stuck in my head). But it’s true. At 33 months old, she’s rounding the last corner of being two years old and this month’s photo is sure to remind us forever of the terrible terrific twos. Just check out that attitude.

Given the tie-dyed look of the fabric, we originally thought it’d be fun to get kind of a hippie vibe for this picture. Then we realized she doesn’t own any boho-style outfits and the only headband we could find wasn’t quite the style you’d expect to see at Woodstock (it’s from Etsy). And even our attempts to get a peace sign in the picture didn’t go so smoothly.

This one turned out more home-girl than hippie-girl. Put those deuces up, Clara!

And despite the serious face on our final selection, there were still some sweet moments during this round.

And you know what three months left ’til her birthday means? Only three more photos left for this entire project (then we’re just doing them annually)… dun dun DUNNN!

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Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara: (looking at a painting of a wine bottle, red wine in a glass, and a baguette at Panera) Look mommy! It’s water and some ketchup and a hot dog!

Convo #2
Clara: (drops a yogurt raisin while in a cart at Target and it rolls out of reach under a display rack) Oh no! Yogurt raisin!
Daddy: That’s ok, you have more. That one’s yucky on the floor under there. (continues rolling cart down the aisle)
Clara: (screaming down the aisle at Target) Come baaaack yogurt raisin!

Convo #3
Clara: (to mommy) I’ll be the mommy and you can be the baby. Here you go sweetie (hands me a wooden strawberry from her play kitchen). Does that feel better? Does that make your tummy better?

Convo #4
Clara: (putting stuffed animal in her shirt) There’s a baby in my belly.
Daddy: Is it a boy or a girl?
Clara: It’s a girl.
Daddy: What’s her name?
Clara: Sally Burger Baby Ben.

Convo #5
Clara: (while petting Burger) Burger, you be nice to me. Because I’m a lady.

Convo #6
Grammy: Where did you get those pretty eyes?
Clara: From my face.

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