A Sweet Hand-Print Birdhouse For Granny

I wasn’t planning to post about this little craft that Clara and I whipped up together, but then we got a photo of John’s Granny grinning and holding our creation and I couldn’t help but put together a little post about it over here – just so we’ll always remember it. Here’s what we made: a sweet little birdhouse, complete with Clara’s hand-prints on the roof.

It was originally painted dark red all over (from HomeGoods, where it was $4.99) but Granny is just such a sunny lady that we thought it would be a fun activity to paint it some happier colors and mark it up with some Clara-hands before sending it off to West Virginia. We just used some white paint for the facade and some yellow paint on the roof to cover all the original red paint. Some of our lines were a little wiggly, buy I think that’s part of the charm.

Then I coated Clara’s hands with white paint and we had so much fun smashing them into the roof four times (two right handed prints are on the right side, and two left handed prints are on the left). After it dried I sprayed it with clear outdoor sealant to protect it from the elements (three thin coats helped me feel like it was locked in there good) and then we signed the bottom with a Sharpie and added the date.

A little while later, John’s mom and dad took it to Granny’s house and snapped this cute photo of her with it. Clara LOVED seeing Granny holding her birdhouse creation, and I’m so glad we got to make such a fun little gift together.

Are you guys doing any kid-crafts these days? Sometimes they’re my favorite projects of all.

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Life’s Fair

By now you probably know going to the State Fair of Virginia each fall is a family tradition of ours (here are pics from 2012 and 2011, which started off with a very similar picture – although Clara was willing to pose for it that time). This is one of those you-sit-in-a-fake-roller-coaster and take the picture shots – and then you turn it upside down to look like you’re really riding. I love that Sherry pulled her ponytail up to add to the illusion.

This year we went while Nonna was in town, so we ended up there on a crowded, cloudy Saturday afternoon instead of our usual weekday evening approach. It was a bit tougher to navigate and the sights weren’t quite as pretty, but a good time was still had by all.

Most of our time was actually spent riding rides this year, marking a slow transition away from the animal- and food-centric trips from before. So there was a spin on the imitation Dumbos and the Nemo-ish fish.

And rounding out our knock-off Disney trip, there was even a stop at the teacups. Which I was convinced Clara was going to hate (and tried to talk her out of, partly for my sake too) but we both ended up having a great, not-too-dizzy time.

Although my favorite ride moment was on the “Rockin’ Tug” which spun you around while it went back and forth. Clara dubbed the scary face behind the ride as a “shark” and everytime we passed it she excitedly screamed “Don’t get us shark!” No fear. All fun.

And of course there was another trip down the big slide together.

Clara finally got the joke of putting your face in these holes to make it look like that’s your body, so we stopped at just about every one we saw. Here she and Nonna are rocking American Gothic.

And she even went solo at the Sesame Street one (why an Ernie, but no Bert? Isn’t that against the law or something?)

We did take some time out to look at the animals and eat some food, but none of the stereotypical fried-on-a-stick variety. So no good photo ops there. Is anyone else hitting up the state fair these days? Or otherwise enjoying the fall weather?

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