Urban Pregnancy Legends: True Or False

I thought it would be funny to see if any of those pregnancy predictions like “you’re having a girl if you crave sweets” were true for you guys. So far, I don’t think they hold much truth for me…

Rumor #1: If you crave sugary foods it’s a girl, and if you crave salty/savory foods, it’s a boy. FALSE FOR ME (I craved salty foods both with Clara and the bun – baked potatoes 4 eva, y’all).

Rumor #2: If the heartbeat of the baby is over 140, it’s a girl. FALSE FOR ME (both the bean and the bun have had high heart rates – in fact the bun’s was higher than the bean’s at 170 in the early months of pregnancy while Clara hung around 160).

Rumor #3: You swell more when you’re pregnant with a girl. TRUE FOR ME (I had swollen ankles and fingers – couldn’t even wear my wedding ring – by 30 weeks with Clara, and I’m four weeks from having this bun without any of that this time… probably should go knock on some wood now, right?).

Rumor #4: You have more morning sickness with a girl. FALSE FOR ME (I had morning sickness with Clara until 18 weeks but I still have it – as well as afternoon and evening sickness with this boy bun).

Rumor #5: If you dream about having a girl or boy, your dream is right. TRUE FOR CLARA, FALSE FOR THE BUN (I just knew by 8 weeks that Clara was a girl after multiple dreams as well as this unshakable feeling that there was a little lady in there – meanwhile I thought this bun was a girl since I had the same cravings and morning sickness in the beginning, and oddly enough I didn’t have any dreams about having a boy or a girl until we knew it was a little man in there).

Rumor #6: You carry higher and wider with a girl, and lower and more in front with a boy.  HALF TRUE FOR ME (I’m definitely carrying this boy more out front than I did with Clara, who I would’ve described as giving me a wider belly – but this boy was riding waaay higher than Clara until he dropped a little while ago, so that half of the equation was reversed).

Rumor #7: Girls steal your beauty. TRUE FOR ME (this one always makes me laugh – but I did feel like my pregnancy with Clara was full of a lot more swelling and acne and flat looking hair and skin; this time with the bun I’ve had no swelling, less acne, and shiny hair that I don’t even recognize as my own since I’m used to having a dry mass of brillo on my head – the only downside is that constant cookie-tossing doesn’t exactly cultivate that bombshell momma-to-be vibe).

Pregnancy legends aside, I’m just grateful he’s bouncing around in there and the doc says he’s doing great. We’re so excited to meet this little man in four short weeks (he’s due in mid-April), and I’d love to hear which rumors were right on the money for you – and which ones were so off it’s crazy.

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My Must-Have Maternity Clothing List

So a few folks have asked for a little post over here about my “maternity style” which makes me laugh because I’m not a stylish prego gal. I’m one of those moms with dog hair on my shirt and half of a sandwich inexplicably stuck to the back of my leg whether I’m pregnant or not (as a sidenote, I’m very popular with both Burger and Clara for exactly this reason).

But I thought I’d humor you guys and just share more of a quick recap about how I get through being pregnant without spending an arm and a leg in the hopes that perhaps someone else out there will benefit from my love of Old Navy maternity jeans and big earrings to distract from my puffy pregnant face. So here’s my must-have pregnancy clothing list:

1. Old Navy maternity jeans. I like the full belly panel ones, because they just make my bump feel more supported (it’s a comfort thing). For my pregnancy with Clara I bought one pair that took me all the way through my pregnancy (from about 14 weeks to delivery day). Those babies stretch. So far with this pregnancy I’ve had one pair as well (I sprung for a new pair so they wouldn’t be stretched out) and they’re doing me right again. So I think it’s safe to say that they’re my favorite budget-friendly maternity solution.

2. A bra extender. This is a weird one, but later on in my pregnancy with Clara I learned that Target sold these little extender tabs that can be hooked right onto your bra hooks (they sell them with 2 eye-hooks or 3 of them, near the gel shoe inserts and stockings) and they make your bra a little wider around the ribs. I’m not sure about you guys, but my ribs expand like crazy when I’m pregnant, so it’s a super easy fix to allow my bras to work throughout pregnancy, and then I can pop the extenders off and wear them normally again when my ribs go back to where they belong (assuming they do this time… it took about 6 months after having Clara but they did last time).

3. Various stretchy shirts. This is an obvious one, but I love cotton because it’s comfortable and I’m generally a fan of v-necks (short girls with short necks hear my cry, v-necks are elongation devices!). So I have a bunch in a few colors (although the black ones are clearly my favorite). Some of them are made in the maternity department at Target or Old Navy, but many of them are just larger sizes from the regular departments at those two stores (or occasionally from the Gap or Banana clearance rack).

4. Big ol’ earrings. These are a favorite when I’m pregnant or not, but they seem especially comforting when I’m in the last trimester and my face puffs up and I want something (anything) to hide behind. A nice big and colorful pair of earrings might not be a full-on masquerade ball mask (which would probably hide more of the puff) but they make me feel a little less like people are staring at my puffiness or my tired eyes and a little more like they’re doing me a solid by whispering “don’t look there, LOOK HERE! Ooh yes, SHINNNNY! Keep your eyes on the EARRINGS!”

5. A simple pair of slip on flats. This pregnancy my staples have been some cute little leopard flats by Sam Edelman that I found at DSW for $39 a few months before I even got pregnant. And with Clara they were some cute little black patent leather flats by Steve Madden. Otherwise I’m tempted to flip and flap my way around town in flip-flops all the time, which feels a little bit weird (especially when it’s winter). So having some cute little go-to flats make me feel like I’m a little more pulled together, even if I do unknowingly have a hunk of granola bar stuck to the back of my arm. Oh but when I’m on my feet all day it’s nice to have some added arch support, so I might go for Puma sneakers if we’re running around all day or if we’re on-site at the showhouse (which is kind of a mud pit) for example.

Here are some old bump photos from when I was carrying Clara, and all the jeans were that very same Old Navy pair I mentioned. All of the shirts were from Old Navy or Target from the not-maternity section (they were just larger and stretchy) except for the last one with the dots (which was from the Banana Outlet, but also from their non-maternity section). Oh and that pink dress was from Target, but was a maternity dress. It’s nice to have one or two of those just for events where jeans wouldn’t be the best call. They can actually be crazy comfy like a big ol’ muumuu.

I’m probably forgetting ten million things, but I thought those were some basic things that help me get through being pregnant without dumping tons of money into clothes that I’ll only get to wear for a few more months while bowing to the porcelain throne (yes, that’s still happening, but this little bun of ours is so darn cute and wiggly that I can’t even be mad). What about you guys. What do you love when you’re prego? Do you have any favorite low-budget “cheater” finds (like bra extenders instead of buying all new bras)?

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