We’ve sadly been a little slow on the pumpkin patch bandwagon this year. We were supposed to go a couple of weeks ago as a school field trip with Clara’s preschool class, but it got postponed thanks to a ton of non-stop rain. Since we know it’s still in our future (early next week) we haven’t really gone out of our way to pick up any pumpkins in the meantime… until we stumbled upon this makeshift patch at a local garden store last week.

We had stopped to look around for some shrubs for the backyard, but we happily took in the fun variety of pumpkins and gourds they were serving up too. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a diverse display before, so we had quite a time picking favorites.

We posted this picture on Instagram (since Clara appeared to be vogue-ing) and got a lot of comments about the “interesting” looking pumpkin to the left. We affectionately called that guy the zombie arm.

They also had a moon bounce and a haunted bus which we skipped on this particular visit (we were past due for dinner) but we took the Bowers back when they visited this weekend and the kids had the entire moon bounce to themselves.

Oh, and we did bring some pumpkins home too. Sherry always gravitates toward the weird looking ones (not as weird as that zombie arm though…) and we ended up with these two. After finding the very caterpillar-esque green one, we decided to another insect-like one to complete the set. It looks vaguely tarantula shaped, right? Sherry wants to carve or paint them to mimic those two types of creepy crawlies since Clara has a love of all things bug, so we’ll keep you posted.

We also do want to get some traditional pumpkins to carve before Halloween (and for Clara to paint or paper up somehow like she has the last few years with us). Not sure if we can wait for this field trip much longer though…

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Our Unconventional Easter

Easter. Always filled with bunnies, candy, eggs and The United States Marine Corps. Oh, wait. Maybe not that last one. Allow me to back up and tell you how we ended up enjoying a somewhat “unconventional” – but awesome none the less – Easter. It started with our outdoor egg hunt getting rained out…

Thankfully, the Easter bunny found some clever spots to hide his eggs in the living room instead.

Clara has an interesting technique of hunting eggs where she immediately indulges in whatever’s inside (a single Skittle, in this case) before looking for the next egg.

Whatever makes her happy, right?

Since we had done candy in the eggs, we just gave her some small gifts in her Easter basket.

A small kit of Duplo legos, a wooden bus to push around, and a tiny red $2 purse that she had been enamored with on a recent trip to TJMaxx (she didn’t know we bought it).

And of course, there was Sherry’s homemade egg bowling set, which was a huge hit.

Now here’s where things get a bit less traditional. Our next stop was The National Museum of the Marine Corp. You know, very Easter-y right?

Here’s the explanation. We wanted to meet up with our cousins that live in Northern Virginia and Maryland for the day, so we picked a park roughly between them and Richmond. But since the weather wasn’t cooperating and the museum was both nearby and open on the holiday, it became our default meeting place.

The museum was actually really cool, as you can tell from some of these photos (if you’ve ever driven past Exit 150 on I-95 in Virginia, you’ve probably seen it from the road) so we’re glad that we got the chance to check it out.

The kids were just happy there was lots of space to play and we were happy there weren’t giant crowds of people there (they were probably off doing more traditional Easter stuff with their families).

And there were some pretty amazing planes and helicopters to gaze at.

Like any museum experience with a toddler, we didn’t get much chance to actually read any of the exhibits. Especially in this case (we had 5 kids under 4 with us). But fortunately they had some kid-friendly activities to engage them a little bit (you know, before they sprinted on to the next thing).

Clara was especially into the costumes…

One of the kids areas had this awesome plastic reading chair that I kind of wanted to take home. It was so cool to me for some reason – maybe because it looked like it was carved from a giant block of cheese.

But as unconventional as the day ended up being, we were just happy to have spent it with family. Someday we’ll hopefully have a chance to go back and actually learn something by reading all those plaques that we sprinted by while chasing various children.

So, how was your Easter weekend?

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