Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara: Dad, are you thinking what I’m thinking? It’s that I have to go potty.

Convo #2
Clara (talking about Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc): You know what’s true about Mouse Wazowski? His one eye is so big, he doesn’t have room for his other eye.

Convo #3
Clara (to some kids at the library): You can come to my house and play with me!
Kid: But we don’t know what neighborhood you live in.
Clara: We live in the house near the witch.*

*When we went trick or treating she couldn’t get over the stuffed witch that a neighbor had on her lawn, so clearly that’s a good reference point for navigation

Convo #4
Kid: I have a friend named Clara. But she’s a different Clara.
Clara: I’m a new special Clara!

Convo #5
Clara: Mom, I like when we saw Ariel and the crab sang that silly song “Under The Seat”

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Sweet Dreams, Burger

Ever since I took this video of Burger, I’ve been inspired (probably too strong of a word) to capture more of his everyday idiosyncrasies. So the other night when he fell asleep on my head as we were reading in bed, I felt a slight twitching coming from him – meaning he was having some crazy canine dream. So naturally I broke out my iPhone camera (and later added some stock YouTube music since silence makes me uncomfortable). I was actually hoping to capture some of the dream-barking he often does, but sadly this was a quiet slumber. Oh well, hopefully next time. At least there were a few impressively creepy eye flutters…


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