Special Day-livery

At Clara’s preschool they celebrate “special days” since not every child has a birthday during the school year. Clara had hers last week and just like last year (which was really only back in March) it was a chance for both of us, plus Grammy and Tom Tom, to come into her classroom for a few minutes so her classmates could learn a bit more about her. Here’s an old photo from last year’s festivities:

We didn’t get any shots of the actual event this time around, but we did have a good time making her About Me poster. Last year we printed out photos so Clara could show her friends all of her family members. This time around we decided to take a looser interpretation.

We flipped through a few magazines together and cut out items that Clara likes. They mostly ended up being characters (minions from Despicable Me, Sully and “Mouse Kasowski” from Monsters Inc, princesses, and even the M&M guy) but she did grab a picture of a butterfly, a dog, some cookies, and even a drawing that she made to round out the collection. From there, we decided not to micromanage or even direct how she collaged them on to her poster (she picked the hot pink poster board too). So yeah, some things got placed upside down or on top of each other, but it was fun for us to just bite our tongues and watch her go.

Sherry did swoop in to help her place the letters in her name when she asked for some assistance with those.

Once at school, she sat on Sherry’s lap as we pointed out all of her favorite objects on the poster. Then I read “Secret Pizza Party” to the kids before she handed out stickers to each of her classmates. There were still 30 minutes left in the school day, so we got to join the kids for recess.

That’s when we got to see Clara’s love for the tire-swing first hand. Not to mention some of the new friendships she’s building. These girls are as thick as thieves.

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Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara (on our way to an ultrasound a few weeks ago): We’ll see the baby? 
Mommy: Yes, they use a wand to see into my tummy and the baby will come up on a screen.
Clara: Is it a little hole in your tummy that I can peek in?

Convo #2
Clara (telling a story): And then she met a prince and they lived politely ever after.

Convo #3
Clara: Mom, I’m really sad because I love you and daddy and Burger and the baby.
Mommy: Why does that make you sad?
Clara: Because I don’t have enough arms to hug everyone at the same time.

Convo #4
Mommy: What do you want to name the baby if it’s a girl?
Clara: Pom Pom!
Mommy: And what about if it’s a boy?
Clara: Acrobat!

Convo #5
Clara: You’re the best mommy ever because you have… FUNNY POWER!
Mommy: Oh yeah? And what power do you have?
Clara: I have…uh… SWEET POWER!

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