Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara (on our way to an ultrasound a few weeks ago): We’ll see the baby? 
Mommy: Yes, they use a wand to see into my tummy and the baby will come up on a screen.
Clara: Is it a little hole in your tummy that I can peek in?

Convo #2
Clara (telling a story): And then she met a prince and they lived politely ever after.

Convo #3
Clara: Mom, I’m really sad because I love you and daddy and Burger and the baby.
Mommy: Why does that make you sad?
Clara: Because I don’t have enough arms to hug everyone at the same time.

Convo #4
Mommy: What do you want to name the baby if it’s a girl?
Clara: Pom Pom!
Mommy: And what about if it’s a boy?
Clara: Acrobat!

Convo #5
Clara: You’re the best mommy ever because you have… FUNNY POWER!
Mommy: Oh yeah? And what power do you have?
Clara: I have…uh… SWEET POWER!

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