Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara: (looking at a painting of a wine bottle, red wine in a glass, and a baguette at Panera) Look mommy! It’s water and some ketchup and a hot dog!

Convo #2
Clara: (drops a yogurt raisin while in a cart at Target and it rolls out of reach under a display rack) Oh no! Yogurt raisin!
Daddy: That’s ok, you have more. That one’s yucky on the floor under there. (continues rolling cart down the aisle)
Clara: (screaming down the aisle at Target) Come baaaack yogurt raisin!

Convo #3
Clara: (to mommy) I’ll be the mommy and you can be the baby. Here you go sweetie (hands me a wooden strawberry from her play kitchen). Does that feel better? Does that make your tummy better?

Convo #4
Clara: (putting stuffed animal in her shirt) There’s a baby in my belly.
Daddy: Is it a boy or a girl?
Clara: It’s a girl.
Daddy: What’s her name?
Clara: Sally Burger Baby Ben.

Convo #5
Clara: (while petting Burger) Burger, you be nice to me. Because I’m a lady.

Convo #6
Grammy: Where did you get those pretty eyes?
Clara: From my face.





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