Twenty Nine

Clara turned 29 months old on October 14th. Meaning she’s a month away from the two-and-a-half mark… and it was high time for an autumn / pumpkin themed picture. Ta-dah!

Before we even got a chance to start snapping pics of Clara, Burger was checking out the scene. Ensuring it was clear of danger (and crumbs).

Then Clara took her place and totally got her model on.

Followed by getting her scream on.

You can’t tell in the photos above, but she’s actually already holding a pumpkin in her right hand – it was just hidden behind her head. As you can see below, we had a little trouble keeping it balanced on our noggin.

But she eventually got the hang of it.

This one cracks me up because it looks like she’s shooting a video… but her camera is a pumpkin.

Oh yeah, and if you ask Clara to show you her “scary face” this is what you get. Frightening, no?

Love this girl! All twenty nine months of her.



Clara Conversations

Convo #1:
Clara (touching Daddy’s scruffy chin): Your beard.
Daddy: Haha.
Clara: I don’t have my beard. I just have my little chin.

Convo #2:
Clara: Mommy’s a good big girl. And I’m a good little girl. And daddy is a good big boy. I don’t want a little boy. I want a little girl.
Mommy: What do you mean? You mean you want a sister? Like Elsa?
Clara: Yeah.
Mommy: What will her name be?
Clara: Her name will be Santa Claus and she will bring me toys.

Convo #3:
Clara (changing the words to a song while holding a plastic chicken): Baa baa black sheep, have you any chickens?

Convo #4:
Clara (on fireflies): I love those silly buggies. They make the light in your hand.

Convo #5:
Daddy: Good morning! What did you dream about?
Clara: Gee was being a bad boy and teasing me. (Gee is Clara’s stuffed giraffe that she takes everywhere)
Daddy: Uh oh, do you need me to talk to Gee? That’s not nice.
Clara: No daddy. It was just a dream!