Here’s Looking At You

On Tuesday night we spoke on a panel about making a living doing what you love (we didn’t get paid, it was just for fun). As usual, we were very chatty and slightly awkward. Contributing to the awkwardness was my instinct to stare intensely at just two or three different people whenever I talked. So much so that afterwards I actually apologized to the girl in the black shirt sitting just right of center in the terrible iPhone pic that we snapped below.

Fortunately she was a good sport about it. And now we’ve kind of bonded over it. Perhaps you could even say that my weird burning-a-hole-in-your-head stare has become “our thing.”

Oh, and here’s a pic of someone I didn’t uncomfortably gaze at during the talk (which was held at a local art gallery, by the way, hence the backdrop). The only reason: she was sitting a bit further back, so my Terminator Stare didn’t reach. Thanks to Christina for sending us the picture! We rarely get to see these and just assume that we were making wonky faces or doing something equally embarrassing.

So yeah, if you ever see us at a local blogging panel/shindig, be warned. I might stare you down in that is-there-something-on-my-face way. But I can assure you there’s nothing on your face. I just have a problem with public speaking.

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Gobble Gobble

Have we ever told you there’s a wild turkey that lives in our neighborhood?

We’ve been dying to catch it on camera to show you guys, but rarely spot it near our house (usually just down the road on walks instead). But then yesterday morning we caught it wandering between our yard and our neighbors’ driveway.

From the number of pictures we took you’d think we’d spotted Sasquatch or something. Are there any wild animals in your neck of the woods? We’ve also seen deer and even a super cool owl friend the other day. Ah, nature.

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