Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara: Mom, you know what I love?
Mom: What?
Clara: Girl cows.

Convo #2
Girl at park: Can I pet your dog?
Clara: Yes, but don’t lay on him like me. He doesn’t like that very much.

Convo #3
Clara: Did I wake up too early Dad?
Dad: Nope, you had a great nap today.
Clara: Yeah, I’m getting better at napping. Just like I can open the refrigerator by myself!

Convo #4
Mom: What’s shaped like a circle?
Clara: An orange!
Mom: Yes! What else?
Clara: The bottom of my cup!
Mom: Yes! What else?
Clara: Um… a (excitedly points to my round belly) BABY!!

Convo #5:
Grammy: What do you think your brother’s name will be? What about an A name like Austin?
Clara: Yes! Let’s name him Awesome!

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The 24 Hour Difference

Yesterday was glorious. One of those March days that reminds you you’re almost to spring. It reached 70 degress. Everybody was outside. We played with bubbles and ran around without coats on.

But then today was a slap back to reality that March is still winter. School is closed. There are several inches of snow on the ground. The overnight low is 5 degrees.

Having grown up in this region I’m all too familiar with the fact that March, especially early March, is just a teaser month when it comes to spring. Although it was still a shock to see this on my weather app yesterday (note the current temperature juxtaposed with the red warning band).

Have you guys been experiencing weather extremes? I think Clara loves it, but Burger is OVER this snow.

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