It’s A Fine Life

As you know from this post, Clara is a big fan of Newsies. It started by just catching it on TV a few times, but now we often play the soundtrack in the car (thanks Spotify!) – her favorite song being Carrying the Banner. Which means that now she’ll randomly break into singing it. I guess getting to play legos with Dad counts as a mighty fine life?

I realize it’s a bit hard to make out, but she’s going for the lyric around 1:15 of this video where they sing “We’s as free as fishes. Sure beats washing dishes.”

I can’t wait until she’s old enough for me to explain to her that I once was a paperboy. Just with less singing, dancing, and turn of the century economic hardship.

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A Hypothetical Book Thief

Clara often reads books in the car (our faves are a big stock of Berenstain Bears books that we inherited from Sherry’s childhood because they’re thin and Clara seems to love them). But often if she’s in the middle of one when our drive is over, she wants to bring it with her – whether that’s into a store or just back into the house. We resist because it depletes our reserve in the car. Often our explanation to her is “we don’t want you to lose it, so let’s keep it in here so we know where it is.”

Well, on this particular rainy day as we parked at Target, “losing it” turned into “someone taking it” and then somehow Clara taught herself a lesson in sharing, thanks to an imaginary girl named Lolly. So glad I caught this on video.

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