Thirty Four

Someone’s almost knocking on 36 months’ door (otherwise known as 3 years old – yikes!)

We thought it was cute that she was pointing to the number on her shirt (even though it wasn’t actually there when the photo was taken). We probably would’ve used the smiling shot below, had we not caught her eyes closed. D’oh.

We also had our fair share of open mouths…

…or fingers in mouths. “Look, Daddy and Mommy! My teeth!”

And at one point we challenged her to stand on one foot. Just check out that concentration as she finds her balance.

And once we got to our one-legged perch, it was nothing but weird faces from then on out.

In the words of George Takei. Oh myyyyyyyy….

And oh yeah, during the photo session we had a little break to kiss Burger (who was perched nearby). Maybe next time we’ll kiss a little less close to his rear end…

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Burger’s Mr. Ed Audition

If you ever had any doubt that Burger could impersonate a talking horse, here’s proof that (except for his distinctly un-equine appearance) he’s got that moving-his-mouth-so-others-can-speak-for-him thing down. All you’ve gotta do is wait for him to get a treat stuck in his back teeth…

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