“Poop In Stroller”

These are the types of reminder emails that I send myself from my iPhone when, before falling asleep at night, I realize Burger’s doggy bag from our walk earlier that day is still sitting in the bottom of the stroller in the sunroom. Ain’t technology grand?

I’m too tired to get out of bed and get it (plus the alarm’s on, yada yada) so my email will remind me to get it in the morning. No harm, no foul. Well, it is foul, but thankfully the doggie bag keeps it contained.



Sleeping Beauty

Burger sleeps in bed with us. Most likely you already know this. He starts off every night curled up under the covers near our feet or knees, but eventually migrates up to the spot right between our heads. Usually body under covers, head on pillow. So this is the scene I captured this morning as I got out of bed. If only the sound of my iPhone unlocking hadn’t caused him to stir. We call this one-eyed glare “the peeper.”