Another month gone. Another chance to look back on some (but not nearly all) of our Instagram highlights from the last 30 days, in case you missed them on Facebook & Twitter as they happened.

As for our personal favorites o’ the month, I just couldn’t get over this shot of the open-faced lemon sandwich (topped with salad dressing) that has become a staple at Clara’s play kitchen. She even pretends to eat it and then says “yucky yucky – so sour!” while puckering up her face. Gotta get that on video…

John once again picked a photo he snagged during one of his morning runs. I mean, if you know him at all, you know that he couldn’t NOT pick the shot of the bicycle. He says it also gets him excited for fall.

When we asked Clara her favorite one of the month, she initially picked the same one that I chose (probably because she had a hankering for a lemon sandwich) but when pressed for a second option she chose this one. It’s a covert image I snapped of John during a meeting at our house (yes, he wore this to a meeting). When I asked Clara why she picked it she simply said “I like Daddy.” Heart officially melted.

What was your September like as far as Instagram goes? Any favorite ‘grams this month?



It’s Always A Goat Time

Yes, that was a terrible play on “it’s always a good time.” I’ll pause while you roll your eyes. But if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “This blog doesn’t have nearly enough photos of goats on it” then you’re in luck. Because last week we hit up the State Fair of Virginia (our little fall tradition) and Clara was in farm animal heaven.

She was as fearless as usual when it came to shoving a handful of feed in their mouths. But there was one goat that maaaaa’d at her and she was not letting him have the last say. So she “maaaaa’d” right back.

If this isn’t a goat photobomb then I don’t know what is. Here’s looking at you, kid. Note: pun totally intended.

Sherry also learned her lesson not to snuggle too close. In an attempt to pose for an Instagram picture, she got an earful of goat tongue. And I got this lovely snapshot.

Our $2 cup of goat feed eventually ran out and we managed to peel Clara away from her adopted herd without too much trouble. After all, there was the promise of baby ducks in her future…

Not only were there baby ducks, they were on a duck slide. Complete and total entertainment.

Clara also loved checking out the baby chicks that had just hatched. The booth was a little steamy so it was hard to get a good peek this year…

… so sadly we didn’t get to totally recreate this precious moment from last year’s fair.

Soon we made our way down from the farm land to the fun land so that we could stroll around, check out the rides, and enjoy the lights.

But as soon as we realized that Clara was tall enough to actually ride the rides this year, well, we spent a good portion of the evening like this: watching her go around in circles on everything from boats to alligators.

There was even a carousel ride, although Clara decided to switch things up and asked to take a spin on the bench instead.

And then there was the worm ride. Let’s just say this was a huge hit for our worm-loving girl (see her second b-day party for more evidence of worm-loving behavior).

Next door to the worms-spinning-around-an-apple ride was the caterpiller-spinning-around-a-birdsnest ride. I realize this pic is blurry, but it was just the cutest thing. Clara really wanted to sit next to this other little girl (they were the only two on the ride) and the little girl was a very good sport about it. Looks like they even had fun together!

We were too big for most of the ride Clara could go on. But that didn’t stop us from enjoy this “rest area” together.

Or the obligatory photo op spots. Sherry realized only afterwards that she was telling Clara to “get lost.”

Before we left we of course had to squeeze a treat in there. Clara said she wanted cotton candy. Though based on her reaction, it became immediately apparently that she didn’t realize what cotton candy was. This was pretty much the look we got: “You want me to put this in my mouth?!”

Sherry and I treated ourselves to a Red Velvet Funnel Cake, which we both agreed was just a regular funnel cake with red food coloring. It was still disgustingly delicious, although we couldn’t quite finish it off. I blame the cotton candy appetizer.

So with sugar-filled bellies, slightly-emptier wallets (those rides aren’t cheap!), and a tired little lady ready to have goat-filled dreams, we finally called it a night. And I think we can all agree on one word to describe the evening…

Are you guys hitting up any state fairs? Or doing other fall things like hay-riding or apple-picking?