Anthem’s Moonlight Ride in RVA

On a last minute whim last weekend, we decided to participate in a local biking event called the Anthem Moonlight Ride. You may have even spotted this shot on Instagram from that evening.

We’d never done it (or any other organized bike ride) as a family before, but it was put on by the same organization that does the 10K that I run annually (amongst other things) so we knew it would be fun, well run, and safe (important since the whole event involved biking the streets of Richmond after dark). So with rain mostly out of the forecast, an evening without plans, and a hankering for some glow sticks, we loaded the bikes on the car and joined thousands of others in Richmond’s Northside.

We chose to do the 8 mile course (there was also a 17-mile option) and waited ’til the “Family” wave left so we didn’t have to worry about the speed at which we rode (or the amount of spandex we weren’t wearing). The event started at 8pm (Clara’s usual bedtime) but we didn’t pull out of the gate ’til about 8:45. Just as it started to drizzle…

The light rain was barely a bother, so it turned out to be just as much (if not more) fun than we expected. There were costumes and fun lights, plus it was just generally invigorating to be out with so many other riders on streets that had been closed off for the event. Being that it was dark and we only had the iPhone in my pocket, this is our best picture of the ride itself. Stellar photography, eh?

The Sportsbackers have a much better slideshow on their site if you wanna get a better idea of what the ride was like. This one below was from our favorite portion of the ride, which went through a park whose paths had been lined with glowsticks (the message below was spelled out with them as well).

The event photographer even caught this pic of Clara and I rounding one of the last few turns. You can barely see the glowsticks that we decked ourselves – and our bikes – out in (they also provided flashing safety lights for everyone too) but you can tell by my face that we were enjoying ourselves. And that I saw the photographer with enough notice to actually smile.

It took us a little less than an hour to finish, I think. The course was relatively flat, though there were a couple of hills that took some effort (okay, and maybe a bit of walking). The best part was that Clara managed to stay awake for the whole thing – even the ride home!

Last two photos courtesy of Richmond Sportsbackers

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Feeling Selfie-ish

When we posted this Instagram shot last month we alluded to the fact that it wasn’t our ordinary, everday snapshot (our caption revealed that both of us had to put on make-up for it).

That’s because we took that shot while on the set of a photoshoot for Richmond Magazine’s Best & Worst issue. This annual collection of reader-voted favorites includes award categories that range from normal (Best New Restaurant) to trendy / weird / random (TV Anchor Who Never Ages).

How did we make the list? Best Local Instagram Feed, y’all! We couldn’t believe it when they called us. I mean seriously, we were like “are you sure that’s us?” You can read the little blurb about it here.

Not only were we pleasantly surprised to have been voted that (we didn’t even know it was a category), we were even more flattered to hear that they wanted to photograph us for the issue. It was kind of strange being photographed without our house as the backdrop, but I’d say this graphic black & white wall that photographer Matt Licari and set designers Stephanie and Chad Jacobson created was a pretty cool substitute.

Obviously the photo was Instagram-themed, so we basically pretended to be taking selfies with our phone (actually, it was the magazine’s Creative Director’s phone – our cases were deemed too distracting) and they added the screen imagine afterwards in Photoshop.

Matt was kind enough to send us some of the outtakes to share you with you guys. If nothing else, it proves that not all of my expressions involve a wide open mouth. Just most of them…

We did a few with Sherry holding the phone, but it required an awkward squat on my part. But I guess playing model isn’t about being comfortable now is it?

Thanks again to Steve at Richmond Magazine for inviting us to participate and to photographer Matt Licari for letting us goof off in front of his lens. Oh, and of course a BIG thanks goes out to any locals who surprised us by voting us in! As we joked with the folks at the shoot, we’re still waiting for whatever trophy, sash, novelty check, or key to the city comes with the prize. When it arrives, we’ll be sure to Instagram a picture of it.

Photographs by Matt Licari courtesy of Richmond Magazine

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