Clara Conversations

I think the Clara conversation play-by-play will be a reoccurring thing around here because THE GIRL IS HILARIOUS. Here are a few of my recent favorites (I write them down in a journal every night so I don’t forget them):

Convo #1:
Mommy: Did you poop? You smell like you did…
Clara: I smell like strawberries!

Convo #2:
Clara (to Burger as he walked into the room): Oh hi Burger, wanna color?

Convo #3:
Clara (while playing with her stuffed giraffe): Thank you so much – you’re so helpful!

Convo #4:
Clara (while holding three Barbies at Grammy’s house): I love my dollies!
Mommy: What’s that doll’s name?
Clara: Sherry
Mommy: And what’s that one’s name?
Clara: Sherry Berry
Mommy: And that one?
Clara: Selly Belly
(*Clara must hear the name Sherry but not know it’s me, so it pops up randomly like this. No idea who Selly Belly is though…)

Convo #5:
Mommy (after Clara kept bugging Will by sticking her hands in his car seat): Clara, let’s keep our hands to ourselves.
Clara: I keep my hands to will.

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There’s A Baby In Your Belly

Nope, I’m not pregnant, but I just had the most hilarious conversation with Clara ever and I had to document it. Since we just returned from visiting Katie (who does have a baby in her belly) Clara has been really into the whole prego/baby thing. So as I was carrying her to bed last night it was no surprise when she said “there’s a baby in your belly” to me since we talked about Katie’s belly the last few days. Here’s how it went down:

Clara (with one hand casually placed on my boob): There’s a baby in your belly.

Mommy: There’s a baby in Miss Katie’s belly, but there’s no baby in mommy’s belly.

Clara (casually puts other hand on my other boob): There’s two babies in your belly!

Mommy: (unintelligible laughter)

Clara: Yay! Two babies!

Mommy: Those aren’t babies, those are boobies! (Ever since Clara breastfed I called them that- don’t ask me why)

Clara: Oh! Those ARE boobies! Yay, two boobies!

Thankfully she was happy as a clam about the babies-to-boobies conversion. John and I aren’t quite ready to start trying yet (more on part of that reason here), so it was sweet to know that as long as I have two boobies, Clara’s ecstatic. Anyone else have a kids-say-the-darndest-things story to tell? Or are you still laughing about the babies in my boobies?

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