Well, At Least One Of Us Is On The Right Path

You know we’re suckers for an online quiz, and if you’ve been on Facebook at all lately, you’ve probably seen your newsfeed peppered with ones like “What City Should You Actually Live In?” and “Which [insert movie or TV show] Character Are You?” Most of them thanks to BuzzFeed, home to groundbreaking analyses like “Which Sandwich Are You?” (I’m a hamburger with lettuce instead of a bun, in case you were wondering).

Anyways, Sherry and I got sucked into taking a bunch of them one night when neither of us could fall asleep. Each takes like 30 seconds to complete, so it was just fun to laugh at the completely random and usually baseless results (for the record, I’m the last person to do a lettuce bun on my hamburger). One that gave us a particular chuckle was “What Career Should You Actually Have?

We had seen some of our other home blogger friends posting their results to Facebook, many of them achieving “Designer” as their determined career. Sherry and I were curious whether it would turn back the same designation for us.

This is what I got:

Not too bad, considering I do write everyday (I’m writing right now!) and I make things… plus, I originally went to college to become a director but ended up as an advertiser. Tina Fey and I even have the same alma mater. Maybe this quiz was on to something…

But Sherry got this:

We’re pretty sure there’s no overlap between home blogger and astronaut – and after seeing Gravity, I don’t think Sherry will be switching career paths anytime soon. But she did grow up wanting to be an art teacher and loved labs/research in school, so the “other occupations” category isn’t off the mark.

Here’s where you can take the quiz yourself in case you’re so inclined. What did you get? Any other fellow writers or astronauts? Maybe you and Sherry can go into orbit together someday…

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