Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Daddy: Let’s play a guessing game. I’m thinking of a letter. What do you think it is?
Clara: Is it one?
Daddy: Nope, that’s a number. It’s a letter that I’m thinking of…
Clara: I KNOW! IT’S FIVE!!!
Daddy: You’re so silly. That’s still a number. You know letters are like A, B, C…
Clara: Is it D?
Daddy: Nope… try again!
Clara: A?
Daddy: Nope!
Clara: IT’S FIVE!!!

Convo #2
Mommy (talking to Aunt Carrie, while she holds her cat Duncan): That would probably give you more function.
Clara: FUNCTION?! His name is DUNCAN!

Convo #3
Clara (on a foggy morning): Look Daddy, it’s all froggy outside!

Convo #4
Mommy: The bear in that book sleeps in a cozy bed. Do you have a cozy bed?
Clara: Yes! I sleep in a cozy bed too. And mommy and daddy sleep in a…. sweaty bed!*
*(in our defense, our bed is nice and clean, but we both cry-laughed when she said that)

Convo #5
Clara (colors in a dense, dark brown oval with her crayon): Daddy, I drew Elsa! Can you draw eyes on her?
(Daddy attempts to draw eyes, although they’re hard to see)
Clara: (long pause) Huh. (another long pause). She looks kind of like a horse.

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