Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara: Mom, octopuses are kinda mean.
Mom: All of them? Or just some of them?
Clara: Just a few of them. The rest are ok.

Convo #2
Mom (pretending to be sick): Doctor Clara, I’m sick. What’s my diagnosis?
Clara: You have… (looks around and sees a stuffed reindeer) … Reindeer-itis! It’s when you swallow a reindeer and it’s stuck in your throat.

Convo #3
(Dad walks into the kitchen and sits down next to Clara)
Clara: Hi-ya toots!

Convo #4
Mom: When you eat food, it goes down your throat and into your tummy.
Clara: And then it goes all the way down into your legs! Isn’t that cool?

Convo #5
Mom (during our New Year’s Eve dinner, while chatting about “word of the year” resolutions): Clara, what’s your word of the year for 2014 going to be?
Clara (thinks a long time): … ketchup!

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