Hello Up There

It’s no secret that I’m “pocket sized” (as a very charming Brit once called me – which beats “short”, as many people over the years have called me). I come from a sweet mom who’s even more pocket sized than I am (4’11”) and a dad of pretty average height (5’10”) so it’s sort of a wonder that I’m even 5’2″. I still remember the doctor telling me I had stopped growing and being completely incredulous, like “um, there’s no way” – he was 100% right by the way.

So 6′ tall John usually feels like the resident giant at family gatherings on my side… but after seeing this old photo of my great aunt and uncle (my paternal grandfather’s brother and his wife) it seems like there might still be some “tall genes” lying dormant in me yet (maybe that explains Clara’s extra tallness, along with getting that from her daddy).

Apparently Marcus and Anna, at over 7’1″ and 6’3″ respectively, were even named New York City’s 3rd tallest couple in 1944. Our jaws both dropped when we heard that someone in my known-to-be-short family had earned such a lofty (pun intended) designation. And that such an award even existed.

Plus, we were completely shocked by how much my great uncle looks like John’s dad. It’s a really old faded picture, but to everyone who knows Tom Tom, the resemblance is uncanny.

To put that into perspective, here’s a little height chart that John had fun making using some clip art silhouettes (I almost killed him for using the “sexy lady” silhouette on me, so just ignore that please).

We still can’t get over it. It’s just so amazing that someone in my lineage made the record books for their height. Have you guys learned anything cool about your relatives that blew your mind lately?

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Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara (on Ursula in The Little Mermaid): I sure don’t like that purple lady.

Convo #2
Clara: I want a cat because they don’t growl. Beavers growl.

Convo #3
New friend: I’m in kindergarten. My name is Cameron.
Clara: Like camera! I like taking my mom and dad’s camera.

Convo #4
Clara: Did you hear how funny I am today? Write that down in your book, mom. (she has officially caught on to the fact that I write my favorite Clara quotes in a journal)

Convo #5
Mommy: When you get home from school we get to tell you what the baby is! We’ll find out if it’s a boy or a girl and can’t wait to tell you if you’re getting a brother or sister!
Clara: YAY! They’re going to take it out really quick and check? Tell them to be gentle and careful.

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