Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara (out of nowhere while riding in the car): Mommy, can I push your buttons?!
(we looked all around and realized she was referring to our water cups from Wendy’s in the cup holder, and she wanted to push down the circles on the top of them for diet, cola, etc – so we handed mine back and she pushed them down).
Clara: Daddy, now can I push your buttons?!

Convo #2
Clara: My bottom doesn’t hurt because I didn’t fall down. But my dolly’s bottom hurts because she tripped on a dinosaur.

Convo #3
Clara (singing to a song that she was making up as she went along): Merry Christmas to your friendsssss! And you love yourselffffff.

Convo #4
Clara (out of nowhere while we were all eating dinner): Daddy, what’s cool about snakes?

Convo #5
Clara’s teacher: … and then our caterpillars are going to break out of their cocoons…
Clara: And that’s going to make a really loud noise! And it might scare me!

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