Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara (after eating dry cereal out of a bowl with her face): Mom, that was amazing! 

Convo #2
Clara: Mommy, you know what I really love?
Mommy: What?
Clara: Blankets. 

Convo #3
Clara (when Macklemore came on the radio): Macklemore! He likes money in his pocket. I have three quarters. He probably wants to share with me.

Convo #4
Clara (randomly out of nowhere, while we’re all driving in the car): I can’t believe my eyes! (about nothing in particular and then falls silent again)

Convo #5
Mommy: What did you do at music class today?
Clara: We did everything with the hoop! We sang to it. We danced around it. We jumped on it. We ran around it. But we didn’t do one thing to it.
Momma: What thing didn’t you do to the hula hoop?
Clara: We didn’t decorate it.

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What’s That You Say?

As you know from the videos we share here, Clara is quite the talker. But lately she’s started the weird / funny habit of talking gibberish. It mainly happens when she’s playing by herself, almost as if she knows her toys don’t understand English so why bother using real words? Or maybe she just doesn’t want us to understand what secret plan she’s hatching with her doll co-conspirators?

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