Clara Conversations

Convo #1
Clara (after eating dry cereal out of a bowl with her face): Mom, that was amazing! 

Convo #2
Clara: Mommy, you know what I really love?
Mommy: What?
Clara: Blankets. 

Convo #3
Clara (when Macklemore came on the radio): Macklemore! He likes money in his pocket. I have three quarters. He probably wants to share with me.

Convo #4
Clara (randomly out of nowhere, while we’re all driving in the car): I can’t believe my eyes! (about nothing in particular and then falls silent again)

Convo #5
Mommy: What did you do at music class today?
Clara: We did everything with the hoop! We sang to it. We danced around it. We jumped on it. We ran around it. But we didn’t do one thing to it.
Momma: What thing didn’t you do to the hula hoop?
Clara: We didn’t decorate it.





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