Kid’s Views On The Coolest House

During our book tour stop in Palo Alto, someone brought us the funniest gift. It wasn’t a ceramic animal. It wasn’t cupcakes. It wasn’t stickers for Clara. It was a thin set of stapled paper that looked like this:

Inside was this note:

“Dear Sherry & John (And Clara & Burger), I have been a loyal blog reader since Fall 2010. I am currently a teacher and I thought it could be fun for you to see what kids think makes a house comfortable, fun, and exciting to live in. Therefore, I had them freewrite about their future house or their dream home. Enjoy! – Jacqueline”

The dozen or so entries are sweet, imaginative and – well – hilarious. It’s funny to see how some kids were very specific about the layout and size, while others liked to note the wall colors and the decorations. Here’s just a random sampling of our favorite lines:

And a few more favorites:

So a big thanks to teacher Jacqueline for the fun idea (and gift) and a big thanks to her students Tori, Jaxon, Lauren, Brayden, Axel, Olivia, Stevie, Shane, Colette, Sammy, and the one unnamed entry.





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