I Love Texting Katie Bower

I just discovered this old iPhone screenshot from a couple of months ago that cracked me up slash filled me with relief. I was texting Katie B about how nervous I was about all of the book signings that were coming up. Apparently I was so freaked out that I feared I might actually upchuck. And like the true friend that she is, she came up with a workable solution.

The good news is that I haven’t barfed on anyone yet. And the better news is that it means no photos of that have been posted. Everybody wins.

What makes you guys nervous? Do you have a sarcastic text friend who makes you feel better about your odd neurosis?

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Two And A Half

On my last day of being a 30 year old, Clara became a 30 month old. Yup, she’s officially halfway to 3! (Update: Ok, she’s really halfway to five, but it’s mind-blowing enough that she’s now closer to 3 than 2.)

Since we were traveling that week, we were a bit behind on getting her photo taken. But better late than never, right? And as usual, here are some of our favorite outtakes.

Not sure this is a pose I’ve ever seen before (nor would I recommend it ever again).

Now hands on hips – that’s a look I’m more familiar with.

The brown lump at her feet is a stuffed buffalo (bison?) that she alternately calls a buffalo, lion, or panda. We kept her entertained during this photo session by playing catch with it…

Mommy wasn’t always perfect with her throwing arm either.

Good thing Clara’s getting some practice already.

Oh yeah, and just a day after taking this photo we noticed that Sarah Richardson used the same fabric as gift wrap in this month’s HGTV Magazine. So you know what that means, right?

Sarah + Clara = BFFs by fabric association. And Mommy’s jealous.

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