Clara Conversations

Convo #1:
Clara (touching Daddy’s scruffy chin): Your beard.
Daddy: Haha.
Clara: I don’t have my beard. I just have my little chin.

Convo #2:
Clara: Mommy’s a good big girl. And I’m a good little girl. And daddy is a good big boy. I don’t want a little boy. I want a little girl.
Mommy: What do you mean? You mean you want a sister? Like Elsa?
Clara: Yeah.
Mommy: What will her name be?
Clara: Her name will be Santa Claus and she will bring me toys.

Convo #3:
Clara (changing the words to a song while holding a plastic chicken): Baa baa black sheep, have you any chickens?

Convo #4:
Clara (on fireflies): I love those silly buggies. They make the light in your hand.

Convo #5:
Daddy: Good morning! What did you dream about?
Clara: Gee was being a bad boy and teasing me. (Gee is Clara’s stuffed giraffe that she takes everywhere)
Daddy: Uh oh, do you need me to talk to Gee? That’s not nice.
Clara: No daddy. It was just a dream!

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Like A Record Baby

Burger is one weird dog, as we’ve previously established. But since I happened to capture another example of his routine oddities on film the other day, I couldn’t help but share it. Note, this little scratch-loop on the carpet is a fairly regular move he uses as part of his “I’m taking a temporary break from napping” regime. It also includes some leg stretches and licking his, um, parts. Luckily neither of those are featured in the clip…

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