Clara Conversations

Convo #1:
Clara (upon spilling yogurt on her highchair): Uh oh, what happened? Oh no! What happened, baby? I wipe it up. Don’t cry. It’s all better now.

Convo #2:
Clara (on her two-year-old visit with the doctor): The doctor is nice. He look in your ears. He look in your mouth. He says “look in your mouth, baby.” And the lady hurt the finger and Clara get a band-aid on the finger.

Convo #3:
Clara: Mommy, daddy’s working. Don’t bobber him.

Convo #4:
Mommy: We have to wear our helmets. Helmets keep our heads safe.
Clara: Wear the helmet. Helmet keeps the head face.
Mommy: It keeps the head SAFE.
Clara: Head face. 

Convo #5:
Daddy: Soon we get to watch the Olympics and we can see people running… and swimming…
Clara: …and pouring water!

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