Scaredy Dog

Yup, Burger’s not a scaredy cat, but he sure is a scaredy dog. You might have seen this photo that we posted on Instagram a few days back about how he ran and hid in the corner of the bathroom when the smoke alarm started beeping in the middle of the night thanks to a low battery. Poor guy.

So I thought it would be fun to chat about other things that make Burger tick (and bark… and hide…). You know, just to give him more depth. He’s not just a dog who loves treats, barking at the mailman, and snuggling under the covers… he has hopes and dreams and fears. And he loves to make his voice heard when the urge strikes. So without further ado, here’s a list of a few things Burger tends to dislike and how he usually reacts to them:

  1. Knocking. On the front door. On the wall. On the bathroom door. Any knocking sends him into a crazy barking frenzy. So I guess he’s not so much afraid of it as he is ready to attack anyone who dares to knock on wood… or anything else.
  2. Beeping. Any commercials or shows with some sort of beep (maybe it’s someone on a show opening an armed door that goes beep, beep, beep) is all it takes to send him scrambling off of our laps and into the other room. The higher the pitch, the more he scurries. Burger no likey.
  3. Barking. If another dog howls in the night, his ears go up, he squints his eyes, and he happily sings along. For a little dog he sure can be a loud-mouth when he wants to.
  4. Clara. Most times his big sister is his best friend (especially when she’s messily eating something and sharing her crumbs with her big brother). And sometimes she can totally be his annoying little sister (picture her charging at him while he’s sleeping on a pillow and awakening just as she’s getting close so Burger springs off the sofa in a mad panic). Thankfully they’re pretty great friends 99% of the time, and Burger is way too fast for Clara, so when he wants to outrun her he can.
  5. Thunder. Maybe I should say storms in general. He hates pooping in the rain. He hates getting his pristine little paws wet. And he even hates being inside and listening to the loud booms of thunder overhead. Sometimes we find him just standing in the corner of the closet or under the desk all freaked out (we’ve heard of something called thunder shirts for pets – anyone know if they work?). We usually just scoop him up and hold him close until he relaxes and then once the storm’s over he jumps right off of us and acts all macho. Like “I wasn’t even scared of that, sheesh! Besides, I have important things to do. Like sleep.”

Any other pooch (or pet) parents out there with quirky stories of things that annoy their little guy or girl? Burger’s neurosis are pretty normal I think. Haha. What’s guaranteed to send your pet info a tizzy?

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And So It Began?

My mom passed down a stack of old photos of me the other day. On the top of the pile was this photo – which might just be documentation of my first ever painted paneling project. The family room in the house I grew up in had paneling, which my parents painted a soft white somewhere around 1990 (which I’m guessing based on how old we look in the picture). I hear that I loved getting in on the action. Oh yeah, and so did my little sister – who apparently only paints in her underwear, so I’ve Photoshopped a little bit of modesty on for her.

Anyone else unearth old DIY photos of yourself? Are you a half-nude like my sister (or a never-nude like me)?

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