The River Mild

Richmond has a river running through it. And it rocks our socks. Since moving here, one of our favorite summer activities has been going down to a popular swimming area called Pony Pasture. When the river’s low, it creates these calm pools of water and exposes all these huge rocks that become perfect spots for sunning. Here’s a pic from 2008 when Burger found a “river delicacy” to gnaw on.

But much to our surprise, we recently realized that Clara’s never been swimming there. So we were quick to remedy that – as some of you on Instagram may have already seen.

Since it was our first time there with a child, we realized that the days of relaxing on a rock were over. Instead it was more about putting rocks in buckets, watching Barbie “blow bubbles” and marveling at all the little fish that swam nearby.

We admittedly had a bit of a rough start to the visit, since Clara had to realize that the river isn’t like the pool. The rocks can be slippery. The water level can go from an inch to a couple of feet with just one step. Oh yeah, and toys float away if you don’t keep an eye on them.

But soon enough we found a nice flat, empty area to park our slightly-muddy bottoms and it was all fun from there on out.

There was even a bit of Clara’s special brand of swimming:

It was an all-around gorgeous outing. Not too hot. Not too crowded. And plenty of sun-warmed water to dip into.

So glad we took Clara out there before it got too cold! Now we’re looking forward to more weekend trips out there whenever we can squeeze them in…

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Clara Whips Her Hair

Clara latest love is chipmunks. Specifically the ones that sing, dance and go by the names Alvin, Simon and Theodore (doot, doot, doo-doo-doo-doot). Little did I know downloading the third installment of the latest Chipmunks movies (“Chipwrecked“) would turn Clara into a chip-maniac. We also downloaded the soundtrack and had ourselves a little dance party in the kitchen yesterday. Although, dance party almost seems too tame of a label for what you’re about to witness. I think this is more like a toddler rave.

I’ve officially been dethroned as the best dancer in this house. Better work on my moves.

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