Anniversary Outtakes

Today on Young House Love we’re sharing how we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, including the traditional taking of a family photo. As you may have seen in that post, this was the winning shot.

But to get one winner, there must be plenty of losers. So we’ve plucked out a bunch that didn’t make the cut. But first, here’s the general set up of how we got the shot. We picked the sunniest spot in our house (next to the big window in our living room, the same place where we take Clara’s monthly photos) because it was too hot to go outside like in previous years. I set up the tripod, broke out my camera remote and away we shot. We knew we’d be cropping in, so the remote wasn’t an issue… until Clara wanted to “push the button, Daddy!”

It actually made for a few cute shots.

And with my hand free, I thought I’d try (like in previous years) to give our anniversary digits a shout out (a five-fingered one this time around).

Well, then Clara wanted in on the action. So the remote came back my way and both of her hands flew out (along with her tongue, on occasion).

Maybe we’ll just have to save these photos for our 10-year anniversary. You know, when we’ll probably be itching to look five years younger.

We did sometimes wrangle one arm so that Clara was displaying the correct number of digits. But too often it ended up blocking other important parts of the picture. Like Sherry’s face.

This one turned out sorta cute. If only Clara didn’t look so spooked by her parents’ kisses.

And yes, we did bring Burger into the mix for a few shots even though putting him in range of Clara’s curious fingers can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Though in this case it appears the poor guy is just bored.

I think this shot is where Sherry used her get-Clara-to-smile technique (hugging and bouncing) on Burger. It came out looking more like strangulation. Oh yeah, and Miss Crazy Hands is back. At least I held it together!

Overall the little family photo session went remarkably well. We avoided the heat that’s made previous years’ uncomfortable, plus Clara’s more interactive and better at taking direction than before (remember when she slept through her first anniversary photo two years ago?). Who knows, maybe next year we’ll successfully get six fingers held up to the camera? Perhaps even a Burger smile? A guy can hope, right?

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Serenading Will’s Toys

Another Clara-song was successfully captured on film. Actually, it was captured on my iPhone, which is why it has taken me nearly a month to upload it. I shot this at the Bowers’ house in Atlanta after we had just arrived. Will was napping. Katie and Sherry were at Haven. Jeremy was working on his table project. And thus I found myself inside with a toddler happily singing to her baby boyfriend’s toys. I didn’t understand most of the lyrics (although I can make out “fishie goes sliding”, “he goes first” and “here we go!”) but I’m pretty sure it’s to the tune of Hush Little Baby.

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