Clara Conversations

Here are a few of my recent favorite conversations with Clara (check out the first and second post about our chats here and here). Is she not hilarious? I think she gives Jerry Seinfeld a run for his money. Might be biased though…

Convo #1:
Mommy: What shirt should mommy wear?
Clara: This one (points to blanket)
Mommy: That’s a blanket. What about this shirt? (picks up Maui shirt with whale on it)
Clara: Ok. And this shirt (points to bra)
Mommy: That’s mommy’s bra.
Clara: That’s Clara’s bra!

Convo #2:
Clara (arriving at Grammy and TomTom’s house and letting herself in the front door): Hello? Anybody is here? Where is anybody?

Convo #3:
Clara (while watching Alvin And The Chipmunks): Look! I see the munkchips!

Convo #4:
Clara (while playing with fake coins): I have one monies. Ooh I have two monies!

Convo #5:
Clara (singing, while holding an octopus balloon daddy got her from Kroger): Twinkle twinkle little octopus, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a octopus in the sky…”





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