What Time Is It, Burger?

We give Burger a Dentastix treat every night at the recommendation of our vet (as a way to keep up the work done at his teeth cleaning last fall). Plus, Burger likes them. Pardon me. What I meant to say was: Burger is CRAZY for them. As soon as the sun starts to set each day he knows Dentastix deliciousness is nearing and takes up his post right next to the desk where we keep them. Here’s the scene that often follows (which isn’t even a great example of the wildness that often ensues – but the end just made me crack up).

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“Poop In Stroller”

These are the types of reminder emails that I send myself from my iPhone when, before falling asleep at night, I realize Burger’s doggy bag from our walk earlier that day is still sitting in the bottom of the stroller in the sunroom. Ain’t technology grand?

I’m too tired to get out of bed and get it (plus the alarm’s on, yada yada) so my email will remind me to get it in the morning. No harm, no foul. Well, it is foul, but thankfully the doggie bag keeps it contained.

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