Ready To Read Some Subtitles?

When I managed to capture Clara’s morning chatter-fest on camera the other day, we couldn’t help but try to decipher the one-sided conversation for you guys. Hence the subtitles. There was still a lot of unintelligible babbling, but we got some clear statements about airplanes, other kids, fire trucks, and what sounds distinctly like slang for passing gas (although it’s nothing she learned from us- haha).

Even though we couldn’t figure out every sentence, it was funny to try to subtitle Clara’s babble fest. The girl talks a mile a minute and jumps from topic to topic just like her mom.

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I’m not sure we’ve ever formally introduced you to Bearger. No, not Burger – Bearger. He’s a stuffed bear that was a baby shower gift for Clara, but ended up becoming one of Sherry’s I’m-so-pregnant-and-uncomfortable-that-I-need-soft-things-between-my-elbows-and-knees-to-sleep amenities. And somehow he has been a bedtime companion ever since… which is why he’s named after our other bedtime buddy.

But lately Clara is finally getting some quality time with her gift. That is, if your idea of “quality time” is holding it by the neck and repeatedly dropping it to the floor. Oh, Bearger…

So now I think you’ve really met all the members of our household. Unless there’s a rogue ceramic animal in the playroom just waiting to be introduced.

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