Laundry Day

Usually, Clara + pile of clean laundry = counter productivity at its best. But in one recent case, this equation equaled quite the display of laundry sorting technique. Okay, maybe “sorting” is a stretch. But laundry identification, yes!

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Someone’s Vocabulary Is Coming Back To Bite Us

Here’s the scene: we’re eating at Firehouse Subs and Clara becomes fascinated by a family of four sitting in front of a big mural of a firetruck.

CLARA: “That’s a man!”

SHERRY: “That is a man.”

CLARA: “That’s little girl.”

SHERRY: “Yep, and a little girl”

CLARA: “That’s little boy.”

SHERRY: “Uh huh, a little boy too.”

CLARA: “That’s a lady!”

SHERRY: “And yep, that’s a lady”

CLARA: “Lady’s pooping!”

SHERRY: “Uh… uh… yes, that is a firetruck painted on the wall!”

Wish we had a picture of our embarrassed faces to insert here. Just use your imagination…

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