Mmmm, Donuts

Last weekend we decided to have a fun Sunday morning activity by going to get breakfast at a nearby Krispy Kreme. You know, the kind where you can actually watch the donuts getting made?

I’m pretty sure Clara was clueless as to what she was witnessing (though she was entranced nonetheless). So we though maybe actually eating a donut would help connect the dots. And, um, how could we not indulge in a donut while we were there too? You know, in celebration of watching them come into this world from behind the glass. Clara picked a sprinkle-y one for herself, I decided on the dark chocolate creme, and Sherry went the classic glazed route.

Knowing how much she likes ice cream and cupcakes, we thought Clara would be all over this sugar bomb.

But instead she just daintily plucked off some sprinkles one at a time and savored each bite.

I think she maybe ate four sprinkles total (and 0% of the actual donut). Maybe the yogurt she had before we came filled her up?

No biggie. More donut for daddy! Clara seemed very content to just suck on her thumb and look around (she even saw a bearded guy and shouted “ooh, hi Santa!”).

And we all put on funny hats.

She had the best time.

And so did we.





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