A-B-C, Easy As 1-2-3

Clara has become a counting fiend lately. Not necessarily counting objects with any rhyme or reason (she often starts at four or seven, or counts three lights when there are two) but she seems to really enjoy calling out the numbers. I think we may have this video to blame.

And you’ve already seen her counting on her changing table back in November.

She’s also having fun with letters lately, and even shouts out requests like “do letters!” when we color. She’s really good at identifying frequently used ones like S, O, E and those that are in her name…

… but sometimes Z are called S’s, and Q’s are commonly called Os. Oh well, there’s no rush! It’s just so much fun to watch her soak things up like a sponge. Perhaps she’ll be starting a blog soon, where she’ll only be using certain letters (sample post: “Clara O See So Clara!”). Sounds exciting…





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